Let's work on real issues and make Livingston County a thriving community for all

Hi! My name is Ella Nikitin. I am from Hartland, MI, and I am running for county commissioner here in Livingston County, 4th District.


The Issues

Public Transportation

Livingston County is growing, and people want a wider range of transportation options. LETS (Livingston Essential Transportation Service) is doing the best it can with limited appropriated funds, but more is needed as a ridership consisting mostly of seniors and local workers increases. Currently, the county commission only provides a $65,000 per year appropriation. It would be unacceptable if the entire sheriff's department only got $65,000 per year for operating expenses– so why do we accept this low of an appropriation for public transportation? We are on track to increase the amount of federal and state funding we can receive, however in order to receive that the amount of local money contributed needs to expand. Robust public transit is essential to keeping our county's economy running and supporting our seniors who rely on public transit.

As county commissioner I would put forth a resolution that lets us adequately fund LETS based on their needs. I would also support putting the issue to voters in a transportation millage like Oakland County did in 2022, rather than squashing it in committee like the current commissioner did in 2019.

Affordable and Attainable Housing

On a recent social media post, Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin pointed out that in 2019, only four houses on the market in Livingston County have existed for less than $189,000, and one-bedroom rentals are virtually non-existent. As a recent college graduate seeking to put down roots in the community I grew up in, I'm familiar with the personal challenges a lack of affordable and attainable housing can create. Without diverse housing options at various price points that include both buyers and renters, local business and industry will continue to suffer from a workforce shortage. People who work in Livingston County should be able to afford to live in this county.

As county commissioner I would support initiatives on a national, statewide, and local level that seek to expand access to affordable and accessible housing on a variety of levels.